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Easy Analysis

We've taken the heavy lifting out of technical analysis so you can focus on the results. Choose an analysis scan or create your own, with detailed reporting so you only get better.


Pre-written System Scans available


Scan to Analyse
Choose from over 100 technical analysis scans (system scans), or create your own! Add criteria conditions to make your scan as simple or complex as needed.
EzyAnalyser then scans your subscribed market(s) to quickly find stocks that met the scan criteria. System Scans include a range of popular bullish and bearish trading strategies including price break strategies, candle pattern recognition and many more.
Helping You Improve
EzyAnalyser offers extensive reporting of your results so you get the feedback you need to improve your techniques and strategies. Learn why your stock selection passed or failed and get statistics on each stock scanned, including fundamentals.

Take Control

Software to let you take charge. Choose or change indicators, decide how you want data grouped - let EzyAnalyser locate opportunities.


Configure the indicators to get personalised results


Change Indicators
Modify indicator settings to match your exact strategy. For example, change the method of a Moving Average Indicator from Simple, Weighted, Triangular or Exponential. Alter the price value the indicator is calculated on (eg. Close, Open, Median, Typical etc.) and you can also change the period (i.e. 14-bar; 250-bar).
Better Organisation
Filter your data selections before running a scan, such as subgroups of industrial stocks, mining stocks, gold stocks, or a customised sub-section of your choice.
EzyAnalyser provides a simple and fast backup option (onto a different drive or external storage) so you can install EzyAnalyser onto a new computer without having to re-create all your settings and analyses.


EzyAnalyser is a technical analysis secret weapon. Use separately, or maximise results with our charting software and data manager.


EzyChart and EzyAnalyser


Get the Data
Pair EzyAnalyser with a Bodhi data subscription as it's been designed to take advantage of all Bodhi data fields plus allow combinations of technical and fundamental indicators (only available with Bodhi).
Chart your Scans
A visual display of charts and indicators is a valuable source of information. With one click results are transferred to EzyChart so you can see the charts with the appropriate indicator/s displayed from your scan.
Complete the Set
For the ultimate market advantage, experience all four - charting, analysis, portfolio management and data - together in one package with EzyStation.