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What is adjusted data?
Adjusted data is when the historical data for a security is modified due to reconstruction/share split or bonus issue being applied. Adjusted data ensures that you have no gaps, spikes or drops in your charts.
Bodhi automatically maintains and adjusts data for every equity market.

Do I need to update daily?
No. Bodhi remembers the last time you downloaded and automatically updates from that date - up to a period of six months absence.

Can I update several programs at once?
Yes. Bodhi can update any number of charting formats or programs with the one data download at no extra charge.

Trading Software

Will EzyAnalyser tell me what to buy?
EzyAnalyser will find stocks that conform to criteria that you set. It does not recommend buys or sells.

Can I upgrade from earlier versions?
Yes. We have upgrade prices available for version 4 & 5 Ezy Software users. Contact us for information and prices.

What is EzyStation?
Instead of purchasing EzyChart; EzyAnalyser and EzyManager you are able to lease it with the data on an annual basis. The software ceases to operate once the lease expires.

What is EzyStation Lite?
EzyStation Lite is cheaper than EzyStation as it does not include EzyManager. The annual lease is for the use of EzyChart; EzyAnalyser and data only.


Is there on-going support?
Yes we provide friendly email and telephone support for all software and data queries during office hours. Online tutorials, Social Media and YouTube videos are available from our website.

Is your software Mac compatible?
All software is designed to run on PC's using Microsoft® Windows Vista and above operating systems. However, we do have a number of clients using Mac Virtual Machine Software such as VMWare Fusion. Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) or free technology called Boot Camp.

Can I install on a tablet?
This is not a preferable choice to run the software. All software requires a Microsoft® Windows Vista or later operating system.