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What is EzyManager

EzyManager is a next-generation stock market portfolio manager designed to make share ownership easier & more efficient. The software tracks portfolio performance, individual member & asset values, market events and more.
    The software is designed for:
  • Australian share traders/investors.
  • All SMSF member types.
  • Stock market beginners - keep track of your growing portfolio & changing tax implications.
  • Expert investors with larger and multiple portfolios.


Ezy Portfolio Manager


Multiple Portfolios
The software can manage several portfolios at once, so you can input your SMSF portfolio, plus business and private portfolios (up to 8) and EzyManager will track them all.
Market Events Applied
EzyManager allows for all market events including reconstructions, Bonus & Rights issues, Company Mergers & De-Mergers, capital adjustments including returns, Entitlement Offers, Takeovers & Share Swaps. All with correct tax legislation applied.
Chart & Analyse Your Portfolio
EzyManager works together with our charting program EzyChart and market scanner EzyAnalyser so you can open interactive charts of your stocks, or analyse your portfolio against the market. Ask a team member today about how you can save by completing the Ezy suite.
Sub Portfolios
Sub portfolios are an asset of a principal portfolio. They come in handy if you have several different brokers or overseas holdings and want to report at Tax time under the one umbrella. EzyManager will track them all.

Why it's a Game Changer

Unlike regular portfolio management software, EzyManager is powerful enough to handle all the intricacies & updates that come with share ownership.

It tracks capital gains, handles trading and loan accounts, tracks member deposits & withdrawals, displays annualised and overall performance, & automatically tracks your dividends. Even tax is made a breeze, with a selection of financial reports ready to send off to your tax agent.


Full financial reporting


Member Deposits & Withdrawals
Unlike regular portfolio managers, EzyManager accurately tracks the relevant holdings of individual members and their separate values, no matter how differently deposits vary in size and schedule.
Annualised vs. Cumulative
When it comes to your investment performance, EzyManager keeps you fully informed with up-to-date valuations. The software captures helpful snapshots of your position, as well as your portfolios overall performance from the opening value of both your cash and stock holdings.
Trading & Loan Accounts
EzyManager has the flexibility to track various accounts types to suit your financial situation. This includes trading & loan accounts.
Safeguard your financial legacy
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How it Works

Simply input your asset information via the set-up wizard & the program takes care of the rest. EzyManager automatically updates market activity while tracking your portfolio's performance. You only input buys & sells, adhoc income & expenses.

EzyManager is also one of the only offline portfolio managers on the market, allowing you access to the software when you're without internet.


EzyManager 7 Wizard


Data Service Benefits
Designed to operate in tandem with the Bodhi6 data downloading service, price data and information related to your holdings can be updated manually with a click, or set to update automatically.

As a bonus, Bodhi6 subscribers experience personalised notifications related to their stock holdings such as bonus & rights issues, consolidation & subdivisions, plus interim & final dividends. Simply confirm any updates & the changes to your portfolio are automatically applied.

Financial Reporting
EzyManager has an extensive range of tax and financial reports you can tailor to your requirements i.e. this financial year, last financial year or a customised time frame.
Portfolio Notes & Attachments
Be organized at Tax time. EzyManager lets you write notes and attach files to a portfolio or a stock event such as Buy, Sells & Income. Both of which can be included with your Tax reports.